The Dawkins Delusion färdigläst

Jag blev sent igår klar med The Dawkins Delusion, en svarsbok på The God Delusion. Nu är jag fortfarande för arg på boken för att orka skriva sakligt om den, men kort sagt, språket i boken var precis likadant som i den bok den försökte kritisera. Den drar dessutom människor över en kam, den är smått hånfull och den påstår sig vara neutral och saklig när den verkligen inte är det.

Josh har för övrigt ett lysnade inlägg i ämnet tro, Guds Dammsugarförsäljare, spring och läs.

Avslutningsvis vill jag klistra in ett Q&A från ask7atheist som på ett bra sätt förklarar hur vi ateister ser på oss själva (vi är inte så hemska som man kan tro).

Q. What is an atheist?
A. An atheist is someone who does not have a belief in a personal god. Newborns, buddhist, agnostics, humanist, and freethinkers are all atheist. Most atheist do not claim that they can proove god does not exist any more than they can "proove" that santa clause does not exist, they just don't believe it to be true.

Q. What is the difference between atheism and agnosticism?

A. Gnostic refers to our knowledge and theism refers to god. I would argue that we are all agnostic with respect to god, the question we must ask is what we believe about god. There is absolutely no evidence to believe god exists. Therefore I am an agnostic atheist.

Q. Are atheist satanist?
A. Atheists do not subscribe to a common doctrine (belief system). Beyond that, Satan is part of the Christian belief system. If an atheist were to believe in the Christian doctrine, he would also most likely have to believe in God and therefore would not be an atheist.

Q. Are atheist immoral?
A. Statistically speaking; atheists make up a smaller percentage of the prison population than the general population and have a lower divorce rate than the major religions. Morality is thought of as subjective but most atheist hold a humanistic world view whereby our purpose is to perpetuate the species and in that role we are driven toward creating a society that limits suffering to the extent it can be limited.

Q. Are atheist angry or depressed?
A. Atheism as a whole is not derived from psychological conditions such as depression. Atheist tend to view the world as a wonderful place full of natural beauty not as a painful test from the divine.

Lite religion, nu inför påsken...