Sonys metoder

Anledning: "He argued that the importation and sale of PSPs would "very significantly impact the excitement and anticipation of the market and the way we can exploit that in the run-up to the September launch."

Lägg märke till ordet "exploit".

Resultat: "Online retailer ElectricBirdLand was today ordered to cease selling imported PSP consoles with immediate effect after Sony Computer Entertainment won an injunction in the high court."

Återigen, globaliseringen skiter man i tills det är dags att köra över länder från tredje världen.

Metod: "Morelle also complained to the judge that "men in dark glasses" had been sent to deliver documents to his home and left his wife - who was due to give birth yesterday - feeling intimidated. Sony argued that this had been necessary to ensure the documents were received on time, but the the judge said that such actions should not be necessary, and instructed Sony to use couriers for the purpose of delivering documents in the future."

Hot funkar, speciellt mörka män med solglasögon. Det här är skrattretande.

Analys: Sony gör ännu ett PR-blunder.